Building Signage

Regardless of the size and shape of your building, we can deliver a sign with maximum impact for your budget.

Building signs can fit into four main categories: Panel, Illuminated, Signwriting and Banners.


The most versatile and durable method for building signs. We apply either computer cut vinyl letters or digitally printed graphics to sheets of metal or plastic which is the attached to your building. While the trend in recent years has been toward full colour digital graphics, the more conventional vinyl lettering offers a more durable solution. We recommend that any digitally printed sign should have a protective lamination to prolong its life span.


For the right application, it’s hard to go past dimensional or 3D lettering and logos. Our router cut 3D lettering delivers a refined, bold and powerful message sure to impress in any situation.


Illuminated signs are usually lit from the inside through translucent materials, or back lit to light the edges of the lettering and logo. Like 3D lettering, illuminated signage can deliver a dramatic and impressive look.


Signwriting is the traditional process of hand painting a design directly onto a building face. While panel signage has largely replaced this process, there are application when signwriting is the best solution – usually in cases where large areas must be covered.


This is the cheapest method of building signage. Banners are digitally printed banners mounted with sail track or ropes, usually suited for short term (3 years or less) applications, or where budget wont allow for a more permanent solution.

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